Charly Cnops


Sponc, founded in 2014 by Charly Cnops, is a platform to show his work and collaborations.

SPONC is ‘CNOPS’ inverted and shows in one word Charly’s DNA as a product Designer. Approaching the design process from daily products and our habits differently and translate them in beautiful & functional objects. Good design has to speak for itself, with respect for the material, the production process and the user(s). The process of a finished product is rarely a one man story. That’s why Charly will continue his passion in collaboration with other industries, labels or craftsmen to gather the strengths and competences to create interesting, pure and contemporary products.


Charly Cnops finished his education as product developer in Antwerp in 2011. Already during his education he was noticed for his eye for detail and his unique way of blending functionality with esthetics.

After graduating he became a lighting engineer and has built up an expertise in this field. All of Charly's projects reflect a sense of both sense and sensibility.

His presence in the design field won't be unnoticed.


Charly Cnops

Gent, Belgium